FRAGMENT-A is a Latinamerican label dedicated to visibilize Rhythm Experiments on Electronic Music, founded and curated by Efe Ce Ele.

The main idea why Fragment A started was to contribute to visibilize electronic experimental music from Latinamerica outside and inside their countries, while supporting the creative processes of artist that are a part of some kind of social minority(ies): inmigrant people, racialized people, transgender and non-binay sex gender people.

In that terms Fragment-A is not focused just in quality or prodiogiosity, is focused on activism, helping to the empowerment of latinamerican artists and empowerment of marginalized people by the oppression of social-systems (like: Colonialism, Patriarchy, Heteronormativity, Racism, Sex-Gender-Phobia, porophobia, Capacitism, etc.) that also affect music production.

We know we have to deal with the world where we borned, but we can also take some Fragments from this reality to built other structures different from the ones we already know.

-- Diversity and Inclusion Policy --
The aim of the label is diversity, we love to put our part to empower minorities. If your identify yourself as part of an under-represented group and you are good in this kind of music. We want to hear from you!

-- Demo Policy --
We love to receive your demos, but we are not able to reply to everyone... we can assure you that all demos are reviewed and if we like what we hear we’ll be in touch. If you are submitting a demo, please do so by email and send no more than 3 streaming links where your music can be heard. Send your submission to: demos@fragment-a.com